Company Services Provider

DConsulta has availed itself of the exemption available to registered accounting firms and duly notified the MFSA that it will be offering company service provider services as regulated by the Company Service Providers Act, 2013 (Act XX of 2013) and as such is authorized by the Malta Financial Services Authority of Malta to provide the following services by way of business.

Thus, the company today offers company incorporation, registered office and other back-office services, company secretarial services and directorships in Malta registered businesses.

By choosing us as your secretarial practitioner you will ensure that you comply with all applicable regulatory compliance at different stages of development, ranging from company incorporation, submission of annual returns, registering share transfers and submitting annual reports to the Registrar of Companies.

Procurement Consulting

In response to demands from clients, we have extended our service offering into procurement consulting. DConsulta today offers the following personalised services to its clientele, be they private enterprise, local government or a government entity or agency:

  • Assistance in the preparation of a request for quotations and tender dossiers inclusive of financial offer/bids, terms of reference and related supporting documentation for public and private entities;
  • Completion of online tenders, strategy and methodology documents, entity profiles and related documentation for entities bidding for public or private tenders or requests for quotations;
  • Participation as financial experts in adjudication committees for local councils and private enterprise to ensure compliance with requirements and the integrity and completeness of the financial bid.

Over the years, DConsulta has given such services to local companies seeking to participate in bids for public tenders, other private entities issuing tenders or requests for quotations sometimes to satisfy the requirements of EU funding, local councils seeking to adjudicate tenders received from various bidders and also government entities and agencies seeking external support in the preparation of online tender dossiers in order to satisfy their financial commitments. If interested, do contact us for an exploratory appointment and the preparation of tailor-made quote for your own organisation.

Funding Services

Finding your way through the maze of funding opportunities can be a bewildering and frustrating experience. But you don’t need to worry about any of that. We are here to assist you in accessing the right funds–be it grants, financing or other incentives - for your project, whether local, EU (centralized or structural, and cohesion) or international.

Our service encompasses the entire project cycle. We will help you develop your idea into an eligible project. We will explore the different funding programmes to see which one works best for you. We will make sure that your project meets local and/or European objectives, assist you in building strong European or other partnerships for collaborative work, and support you throughout the application process. We will also handle all post-award obligations, including budgeting, project management and coordination, as well as financial management and reporting.

Sourcing Funding
Having generated millions of Euros in funding for our clients, our experienced team of funding specialists have the knowledge, skills and experience to search and select the most appropriate funding sources for any kind of organisation.

We are available to conduct search reviews and evaluations of these sources either as a one-off assignment or on a regular basis. We are thorough in our eligibility assessment and carry out applicant size, project suitability and timeframe checks in order to ensure that we give the optimum advice to our clients as to if and when they can apply.

Application Process
Once we have understood your needs and the project idea and helped you develop it into an eligible project, we will endeavour to find adequate partners and coordinate communications between these. After conducting the appropriate research, we will then undertake the drafting of the project application and compile the budget in line with the project idea and the objectives of the programme.

The firm prepares top notch business plans and feasibility studies that will dovetail perfectly with the requirements of the EU grant scheme or programme applied for whilst advising the client as to the best way to optimise the project for maximum growth impact.
We will also prepare any studies or reports necessary, including feasibility studies, environmental and scientific assessment reports, or other specific reports of a specialised nature. We will liaison with the relevant grant authorities and ensure that your application reaches them in time.

Project Management
Our project management team is run by professionals with a vast experience in local and foreign projects. These will provide a holistic service which encompasses all aspects of your project. Once your proposal has been approved, they will guide and assist you throughout its implementation. They will pursue coordination with the authorities as well as any local or international partners, ensure that the project meets the set objectives and that it keeps to approved budgets.

Our firm has managed tens of ERDF projects under different schemes dealing with innovation, environmental measures, start-ups, internationalisation, diversification and innovation, research and development, e-commerce and energy investments. The firm also managed two ESF projects for the Malta government namely, ESF4.98 Strengthening IMUs through Specialist ICT Training for the CDRT at the Office of the Prime Minister and ESF4.159 Development Quality Management in the Public Administration through CAF for the MEU (Management Efficiency Unit) within the Office of the Prime Minister.

Marketing & Publicity
Our organizational set-up allows us to carry out in-house any marketing and publicity obligations set by the funding authority for a project. Our marketing communications professionals will prepare and implement the relevant media planning and bookings, as well as public relation measures, and will report on the exposure obtained.

Our team has successfully planned and implemented various kick-off, interim and final conferences for EU projects, including ESF projects for the Maltese Government. We have also handled all the relevant publicity requirements as per EU regulations, apart from preparing the requisite evaluation and post-event reports.

Project Life-Cycle Services
Over the years, we have successfully managed to direct our eclectic range of skills and the extensive array of resources towards providing services which tackle the entire life-cycle of EU funded projects. These services have included:

  • The preparation of sustainable environmental action plans for various local councils
  • The preparation of research reports on various topics, such as energy, as well as environmental and ICT trends in public administration
  • The design, preparation and implementation of various surveys dealing with the use of energy, for use in training evaluation, as well as training needs analysis of employees
  • The drafting of tenders, calls for expression of interest, and quotations for local government, government entities and NGOs
  • The preparation of applications for training grant schemes regulated by Jobsplus.

Finance, Accounting & Tax

Ongoing pressures to optimize business performance are prompting many businesses to look for new approaches, including the outsourcing of the finance and accounting function and the payroll preparation function, to organisations like ours.

Experience shows that you can significantly improve your organisation’s profitability by outsourcing your finance and accounting services. With your routine financial processes taken care of externally, you can concentrate on more crucial tasks, such as forecasting and analysing.

In letting us handle your finance and accounting requirements, you will be acquiring access to the right resources, innovation and talent to positively impact your business. All our work in this field is carried out in close partnership with our clients, leveraging the very strong background and expertise of our experienced professionals.

The range of services we offer includes accounting (periodical management accounting and year-end), company secretarial including share transfers, VAT advice and compliance, income tax advice and compliance, financial feasibility, budgeting, and company incorporation services. We also carry out financial capacity assessments, due diligence exercises, and financial management of various projects, particularly related to the Italy-Malta Funding Programme and the European Union’s Framework Programme (FP), now incorporated in Horizon 2020.

By entrusting your accounting, direct and indirect tax, payroll and periodic submission of statistical reports to our firm you will ensure timely and accurate compliance with the myriad deadlines and obligations that apply to your business thus ensuring that you do not fall foul of these rules and obligations. These services apply also to non-incorporated businesses such as commercial or civil partnerships, foundations and NGOs and all types and forms of organisations.

We can also assist shareholders of dormant companies to dissolve them by acting as the appointed liquidators and thus enabling the shareholders to strike off the company in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Our portfolio of finance and accounting clients comprises local and foreign-based companies, including many SMEs, local councils, as well as NGOs. Our trademark holistic services are also extended to international clients who hail from, amongst others, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, and India. These companies operate in various sectors, such as those of professional services, international trade, ICT, e-commerce, as well as the filming and media industries.

Business Growth Services

In line with our mission to provide a one-stop-shop for our clients, we also offer a range of complementary services designed to assist companies which are looking to consolidate, diversify and augment their business processes.

The services we offer are tailor-made to respond to the specific tasks we are asked to handle by our clients. And you will benefit from our readiness to serve as an extension of your organisation’s management team, putting all our professional expertise and experience at your disposal.

There are various ways we can be of support:

  • We can help you access assistance and support, financial or otherwise, from government entities such as Malta Enterprise and Jobsplus. We can also provide you with advice on applying for various investment-related tax credits, including those falling under the Malta Enterprise Act, E-Commerce Tax Credits, and the Micro invest Tax Credit Scheme.
  • Whether you are a start-up operation or an established company, we can assist you with investment aid advice and in the procurement of industrial space, or help you apply for training grant schemes.
  • Our consultancy services also cover the development of start-up businesses, as well as those undergoing fast growth and/or diversification, in various sectors. We advise on firms’ business planning, export readiness, market research, as well as the preparation and implementation of marketing plans.
  • We can walk you through the steps involved in preparing for and obtaining equity finance or seed capital for new and innovative enterprises, either through business angels, venture capitalists or other sources.
  • We will perform, on your behalf, any Cost-Benefit Analysis and other feasibility studies required prior to application for funding or prior to its implementation.

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