The Skills Development Scheme – An opportunity for employers and employees alike

Malta Enterprise manages the Skills Development Scheme, which aims to support business undertakings to provide training to develop and update the skills and knowledge of their workforce. The Corporation shall support training and knowledge transfer initiatives that will support employees to acquire new skills, knowhow, and knowledge. A budget of €30m was allocated to this with a maximum grant applicable to any company of €2m.


• This measure is available to duly registered undertakings (including self-employed persons) that are engaged in a qualifying activity. This means that assistance would be given to applicants falling under any one of the following NACE Codes.

• At point of application, the undertaking (legal person submitting the application) must employ at least five (5) persons (on full time basis). In establishing the number of persons employed, the Corporation:
o shall not consider as employees (even if officially registered as such) directors and any shareholder whose shareholding exceeds 25% of the total shareholding.
o shall only consider persons whose employment is registered with Jobsplus.
o may request further documentation (such as pay slips and fiscal documentation) and conduct site visits to verify the effective number of employees.

Qualifying Training: To be considered for this incentive, the training in which support is being requested must lead to the acquisition of skills, knowhow, or knowledge.

Qualifying Activity: The Corporation shall only support eligible undertakings whose main activity is defined under the following categories as provided in NACE.


The Corporation shall provide support in relation to the following costs:
o Consultancy costs for developing the training programme.
o Wage costs of trainees, covering direct contact hours during which the trainee is participating in the training.
o Wage costs of trainers, covering direct contact hours during which the trainer is delivering the training.
o Hourly costs covering direct contact hours of training service providers engaged to deliver training.
o Air Travel expenses incurred to send trainees to foreign training locations if the training is not available locally and it is more economically feasible than holding the training locally.
o Air Travel expenses incurred to bring trainers to Malta.
o Rental of Training rooms, tools, and equipment, to the extent that they are used exclusively for the training project.

Wage costs will be calculated on the basis of basic monthly wage as specified in the latest employment contract or applicable collective agreement, plus the employer’s contribution towards National Insurance (i.e. 110% of wage costs as specified in employment contract).

In principle the aid shall be granted in the form of a tax credit, however the Corporation may consider awarding assistance in the form of a cash grant

The aid intensity shall be established according to the size of the undertaking. The maximum support shall be of two million euro (€2,000,000) per skills development project. The aid intensity applicable shall not exceed the following percentages of the eligible costs:

Size of undertaking %
Small 70
Medium 60
Large 50


The Corporation shall only consider cash grants in relation to holistic projects implemented at organisation level that lead to:
o the acquisition of new skills by employees.
o innovation in the application processes.
o the expansion into new markets.
o additional value in the products or services provided by the applicant.
o increased use in digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and/or automation.

Each submission will be reviewed on its own merits and on the basis of the following elements:
o the economic feasibility of the training being proposed.
o the qualifications and experience of any external service providers.
o the alignment of the proposed training with the operations of the applicant.
o the personal development to be achieved by the trainees through the acquisition of the new skills and knowhow.
o the increase in jobs or the jobs that shall be maintained because of the training programme.
o the strength of the justification provided in the applicant submission.


Applicants should submit their application to the Corporation before 30th November 2022. If you are interested in obtaining DConsulta’s assistance in preparing your Skills Development Scheme application do contact us on 79444990 or by email on at your earliest.