About Us 

DConsulta Ltd was founded as the D Consultancy Network Ltd by Michael Debono, a certified public accountant in 2001 and was transformed into its current form in 2007. The company started as an accounting firm and over time specialised in assisting clients in obtaining EU funding, starting from the pre-accession funds of 2004 till today’s funds under the 2014-2020 EU Malta Programme. For seven years it operated from an office in Mosta and in 2014 it moved to its current central location in Santa Venera. Josianne Debono, a certified public accountant and auditor, joined the firm in 2007 thus enhancing the team’s skills and diversifying its service offering.

Our Services

Why Choose Us?

Whatever you need us for, our work is underlined by our ability and patience to handle bureaucratic compliance requirements efficiently and effectively, whether this relates to your accounting, corporate or individual tax compliance, VAT compliance or company secretarial services. We also offer flexible fee structures in line with the nature and circumstances of the client, project or programme. Most importantly, however, we provide constant administrative, technical and financial support throughout.

Over the years, we have been involved in myriad projects and ongoing consultancy assignments, where our clients have included SMEs, corporates, government agencies and ministries, NGOs, cooperatives and local councils. We can boast a particularly strong track record in the business and financial planning of startups, cost-benefit analysis for structural projects, and EU funding for projects in various economic sectors ranging from ICT, tourism and hospitality, manufacturing, import and wholesale and also retail sectors. Our service portfolio also covers project and financial management in connection with structural and cohesion programmes such as the ERDF, European Maritime & Fisheries Fund (EMFF), the Rural Development Programme (EAFRD) and European Social Funds (ESF), together with centralized funding programmes such as Interreg, Lifelong Learning, Media, and others. As a company, we are a registered service provider under the Business Enhance Grant Schemes.

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Our Values 

DConsulta’s approach to clients requesting any service including business plans, feasibility studies, organisation & operations reviews and also process & systems reviews, is to apply its quality policy which is based on adhering to the four pillars of this quality commitment, namely:

  • Client Focus
  • Ongoing Improvement
  • Open Communication & Feedback
  • Environmental Commitment

Thus as a firm, we commit ourselves to present you with a written proposal outlining the respective responsibilities, deadlines, fees and other conditions and you as our client accepts our proposal, a written agreement for the service is submitted for your approval. Work is then carried out in line with the terms and conditions of the reigning agreement between both parties. As a client, you will be kept in the loop of the project and your involvement is always sought in line with the requirements of the assignment at hand and also your capabilities, competencies and contribution. We explain the final product to you as our client and seek your approval prior to submitting the final product.